Hi, I’m Althea

My entire life has been characterized by extremes.  I find it sort of comical, especially considering I landed in the fat loss arena – an industry where extremes are the norm.  High carb or low carb.  High fat or low fat.  Marathon runner or couch potato.  Obese or skinny fat.

Growing up, I was the fat kid who was either bullied or totally left alone.  Extreme.  I was anorexic twice.  Extreme.  I competed multiple times at the national and international levels of women’s bodybuilding and powerlifting.  Extreme.

My history of extremes is the foundation upon which I built Women Growing Strong, a business dedicated to reversing extreme thinking and behavior in women and men as it relates to their body image. Health and fitness was certainly not a foregone conclusion in my life, but I can honestly say it has always been my salvation.

Weightlifting and powerlifting was a “me vs. me” proposition.  That’s what I love about it.  The more I got into it, the stronger I became both mentally and physically.  I began personal training in 2005, aiming my business toward women and men who battled self esteem and body image issues just like I did.  I saw right away that the clients who were most successful were the ones who practiced consistency in their thinking and behavior, all prompted by a single, powerful decision.

Today, I guide 40+ aged women and men who have a strong desire to reshape their bodies through a step-by-step method that focuses on decision, behavior and consistency.  I teach and speak on the dangers of extreme thinking and behavior.  I combine my expertise with a love of “all things kitchen” by teaching the magic and ease of simple and delicious food preparation and planning. In the gym or in your living room I teach you how to reshape your body, gain more confidence, and regain your energy.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist, Active Aging Specialist, Board Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming , Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy.  I am an active member of Rotary International and a grateful mother of two grown children – Bart aged 27 and Allison aged 31.