I said yes to working with Althea because I wanted to join a program that I could do day in and day out without doing anything radical.  During my program, I learned the importance of planning ahead.  I also learned that consistency is everything and fat loss isn’t about strict diets or big changes.  I can do little things and get BIG results.  I lost 7 pounds in a very short amount of time.  My biggest takeaway wasrealizing that I put everyone and everything ahead of ME.  I no longer order food out every day and this new lifestyle has me feeling very full, which is great.  Busy women, yo-yo dieters and women who want to learn sustainable eating habits are ideal for a program like this, especially if you want to achieve your goals without drastic measures and strict eating plans.

Thank you, Althea!

Susan Heldt

Althea’s coaching has made it possible for me to finally move past some old, personal obstacles so I can finally move forward without the self defeating moves I used to do.  She is a true gem!  She will pass on to you whatever it takes to help you reach your potential.


I was frustrated and felt very out of control. I would promise myself that I would do everything right “Starting on Monday” and by Wednesday I would have a bite of cake and feel like I failed again. I was very panicky about the cycle I was in and I really wanted that to stop. I saw comments that one of Althea’s clients had made about how happy she was and how she felt like she was succeeding and reaching goals and I decided that to make the call.  After our chat I felt very relieved to have her support. I knew right away that having a goals that were real made a lot more sense and I felt less panic. Every time I started to worry I just told myself that I just need to focus on today. I started the workouts and I could focus on doing them right and getting stronger. I stopped obsessing about being perfect and losing weight and started being happy with what I accomplished today. I have lost inches, I feel beautiful and I am happy. I no longer weigh myself so I do not know if I have lost weight and I really don’t care.  I would definitely recommend Althea to as a coach to anyone who wants to get a better understanding of what they really want and the path to getting there. She asks some tough questions sometimes but it is all about growth. She is a great listener and fabulous cheerleader.

Karen P.

A huge shout out to one of the best kick ass coaches I know: Althea of Women Growing Strong. Her strength is not simply the ‘exercise-eat healthy fitness stuff’, it is that she gets you to become aware of the ROOT cause(s) of your unhealthy patterns of behaviour and inspires you to take responsibility, COMMIT and take consistent ACTION steps (Healthy Food + Exercise + Life-long Healthy Living Mindset). Her approach? A gentle, yet firm, no B.S, straight-up, realistic/practical way based on integrity and cool techniques… She understands we’re human and allows us to THRIVE by honouring our body’s cravings in a holistic way rather than DEPRIVE it of anything. Forget the next fad in diets, commit and make the call, period! Interested in her program? It is accessible from ALL parts of the world!!

Juliet Ume

Why Althea and Women Growing Strong? Thanks to the guidance and education provide, I now have the tools to have a healthy relationship with food. As a 62 year old Registered Nurse, I have the scientific knowledge needed to maintain a healthy weight. But I have battled the same 100 lbs for over 25 years, succeeding in varying degrees only to slip back to obesity. Lifelong triggers would send me running to food for comfort. That doesn’t happen anymore. I have learned that there are no “bad foods”. I am in control and feel wonderful. I don’t beat myself up if I eat something or feel deprived at any time. This is not a diet, not just an exercise program, not just helpful hints. Althea is a qualified professional who has taught me behaviour modification, the secret to successfully changing your life in a way that YOU desire. Thank you Althea and best of luck to those of you reading this. You can do it too!

Helen R.

I wanted to say something about the 45 day sugar rescue. I joined the program about 3 weeks ago-I may be in week 4 now but to be honest I no longer keep track! My biggest reason was my blood sugars were getting way out of control and I was getting really scared. I was seeing 12.3. 10.8, and the doctor told me I once had a 13! On fasting! So after the three weeks I checked my sugar this morning, and I have an 8.2! I want to reach 7, but 8.2 sounds so good to me right now, I am ecstatic! Honestly if this works for me, it can truly work for anyone, it is no where nearly as hard as I expected. Ok maybe not super easy, but I thought it would be so much harder, and look at my sugars! thank you Althea!

Maureen Harrison